Like a "fitbit for the mind", teambleu technology allows individuals to anonymously track, record and manage their mindset over time. Research shows that with a positive mindset, people are 37% better at sales and 31% more productive overall.

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Our groundbreaking culture analytics will ensure all in your organization have ownership for building and sustaining a high-performance environment. Fostering shared insight of those aspects of culture that will help drive success and those which may need to change.

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Our technology provides key insight into the often-hidden team dynamics at play throughout your organization. Identify, clarify and rectify any threats to the key intangibles of teamwork. Proactively protect the productivity, performance and profitability of your business.

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Today companies are rushing to digital data as new ways of engaging with customers. Why not also for engaging with employees? Use teambleu analytics to produce targeted employee engagement initiatives.

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The future of work is democratic
View real-time data on your most precious resource

teambleu is a cloud-based app designed to ensure the claim "we put people first" is less rhetoric and more reality


The simple and intuitive tool through which all team members are given a voice. A chance to give structured, real-time, anonymous feedback wherever and whenever they want. A personal, 100% confidential opportunity for self-reflection and self-awareness.

It's Personal

All team members are provided customised logins to the app where they can track their anonymous personal insights and also have full transparency of their team's culture and dynamics. All individuals are empowered with the key data to manage themselves into a sustainable zone of personal peak performance. A powerful competitive advantage for your business.


Culture Hacks

Individuals can anonymously identify and discuss new ideas for transforming and improving their workplace through the built-in online forum. Ideas and key learnings are easily shared within and across teams, fostering innovation and continuous improvement.


The wellbeing of individuals is placed firmly, but anonymously, front-of-mind with the organization's management and leadership. The voice of the people can be used to drive decision-making and guide desired behaviors for all team members. The app is also a key portal to information and resources to support personal development and wellbeing.

Intelligent Design

An intuitive, user-friendly interface ensures key learnings are always at your finger tips.

Cognitive Technology

Applies intelligent software design and cognitive technology – growing smarter over time and with scale. Providing deeper insights and supporting better-informed talent management strategies and decision-making.

Data Visualization

Simple, clear and concise charts, graphs and visualizations bring your people data and analytics to life. When more insights and patterns are discovered, more opportunities to drive value for the organization can be found. Helping your people, team and organization attain and sustain high performance.


Customizable and tailored rights for key team members, such as executive team management and senior HR staff within your organization. Ensures they can query the data and interact with the insights based on their specific requirements.


We can consult with your organization to identify areas of key strategic importance and tailor teambleu accordingly. Ensures the insights, measurement and benchmarking people analytics are always the most relevant to your organizational goals and objectives.

Security and Independence

Ensuring the anonymity and security of the data is an integral design feature of our cloud-based application. No matter what access rights or what filters and queries are run over the data, the privacy and anonymity of the individual is always paramount and protected. The independence of teambleu gives further confidence to individuals to share their insights, with the integrity of the data always safeguarded.

Always Available

Team members can complete their sensor while on the go.

Executive Team

Dom Petrus

Co-founder and CEO

Fuelled by his personal experiences, Dom is driven to create a more inspired 21st century workplace. To learn more visit his blog Rebel-at-Work.com.

Jarrod Smith

Strategic Advisor

Jarrod has a wealth of executive-level leadership experience in international markets including NZ, USA, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and China. Jarrod is chairman of our Strategic Advisory Board that will be tasked with supporting teambleu's global expansion into North America and beyond.

Simon Black

Co-founder and CTO

Simon is the head-geek of teambleu. With his 20 years' experience in building I.T. solutions, he is in charge of all things technical.

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