Fulfilling your responsibility as a leader has never been more challenging or more important. teambleu ensures leaders can fulfil their duty of care more effectively than ever before.

Health & High Performance

A scientific, proactive and preventative methodology. Foster critical skills of meta-cognition and emotional self-regulation. Working to prevent burnout and other stress related risks.

Diversity & Inclusion

Support your wellbeing, diversity & inclusion initiatives, measure their impact with real time data and actionable analytics. Ensure equal opportunity to be well and do well.

Artificial Intelligence

Combining established neuroscience with machine learning to monitor wellbeing and measure the risks of psychological pressure and stress.

Powerful Analytics
Real-time data on the risks to health & safety, performance and team dynamics.

teambleu's powerful software ensures the claim “we put people first” is less rhetoric and more reality.



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Democracy, Diversity & Inclusion

Deep dive into your data to learn how best to sustain a safe, more equal and inclusive team environment. One more capable of embracing the power and potential of diverse talent.

Executive Team

Dom Petrus

Co-founder and CEO

Studies in organisational behaviour and management at Victoria University of Wellington sparked a career in senior leadership roles within New Zealand''s largest publicly-traded companies. These experiences have fuelled a desire to embrace innovation in creating more democratic, equal and inclusive teams and workplaces. To learn more visit his blog Rebel-at-Work.com.

Jarrod Smith

Strategic Advisor

Jarrod has a wealth of executive-level leadership experience in international markets including NZ, USA, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and China. Jarrod is chairman of our Strategic Advisory Board that will be tasked with supporting teambleu's global expansion into North America and beyond.

Simon Black

Co-founder and CTO

Simon is the head-geek of teambleu. With his 20 years' experience in building I.T. solutions, he is in charge of all things technical.

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