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Professional teams and elite individuals are constantly looking for the edge in exceptional performance.

Attitude is everything. Mindset and focus are what drive individual performance - separating the elite from the rest.

For any successful professional it is vital to have clarity and self-awareness of mindset to consistently perform at your best. In fact studies have shown that 75% of job success for an individual is predicted by mindset.

The key to understanding the science of happiness and wellbeing is the reality that 90% of wellbeing is predicted by the way your brain processes the world - your mindset.

teambleu provides analytics of individual and collective mindset in the four key areas of Wellness, Focus, Productivity and Inspiration.

Management and leaders are armed with this insight so it can be viewed from their perspective also. They can view in real-time the impact of their behavior, decision-making and policies on individual and collective wellbeing – the high performance potential of their people.

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